The Best Coffee Beans You Will Ever Taste! – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

The Best Coffee Beans – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide


No two coffee brands are the same.  And there are so many different brands of coffee on the market. If you wanted to try every brand of coffee, it would take years to figure out what’s best.

To sort things out for you, we’ve narrowed down the list of good coffees to the best coffees you can buy in 2019. Our list includes the best quality dark roast, the coffee with the highest caffeine content and several other coffee brands in between. Nothing beats freshly ground coffee–and all you need is the right type of coffee beans that suit your personal taste.

So read on to find the best coffee beans that the market has to offer!

Our Top Choice – Lifeboost Coffee

Lifeboost claims that its coffee is the tastiest and healthiest. They use sustainable farming and various techniques to preserve wildlife. For this reason, Lifeboost Coffee is free of any chemicals and additives. This coffee is a non-GMO product and is grown in shade. You can easily consider it to be the healthiest cup on the planet.

This coffee roaster company understands fair trade practices and also offers fair wages to its farmers. It strictly follows environmental sustaining practices and also donates a portion of its profits to protect the animals and plants of the region where it grows its coffee. That’s all fine and good, but these are the best coffee beans that you can find on the market.

Lifeboost also offers free shipping on all its coffee orders over $50. If you are not happy with the flavor of your coffee, Lifeboost will pay the return shipping cost as well. Sounds amazing, right? But that is not going to happen because this is the best tasting coffee ever.

In addition, Lifeboost offers a variety of coffee blends. You can find Dark Roast, Light Roast, Espresso, Pumpkin Spice, and Medium Dark Roast (Decaf, Hazelnut, French Vanilla, Caramel Macchiato, and Choc Macadamia).

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The 11 Best Coffee Beans You Can Buy

We’ve taken the time to drink hundreds of cups of coffee from dozens of beans you can buy online, and we’ve narrowed it down to these top eleven beans.

1. Lifeboost Coffee

Lifeboost Coffee

Each cup of your Lifeboost premium quality coffee is a result of the coffee beans that local farmers have hand-selected individually. They have been slow grown in the mountain shade to full maturity. All these coffee beans are handpicked to provide you with the highest gourmet blend. These beans are then fermented for almost 26 hours to remove the skin carefully without damaging those seeds.

The coffee is pesticide free and washed with spring water. They are then sun-dried until they achieve the perfect humidity content that is 11.5%. Next comes the period of 30-day rest for these beans. In this period, they get the full rich taste that coffee lovers will not only love but they will crave. These are the best coffee beans we’ve reviewed.

This coffee is the world’s healthiest because it doesn’t have mycotoxins. Most of the low-quality coffees have these mycotoxins–the metabolites that mold produce. They are not good for your health and can cause cardiomyopathy, cancer, kidney disease, and hypertension. In addition, many companies use inadequate processing techniques on low-quality beans which result in an increased amount of mold.

Another reason why coffee beans become moldy is that they have different blends from different areas combined together. For this reason, the coffee doesn’t produce the same instead of the intriguing aroma and for that; it needs to be sprayed with a chemical that produces the same aroma. Lifeboost doesn’t do this and they use the wet-and-dry procedure to avoid mycotoxins.

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  • Hand-selected coffee beans individually
  • Doesn’t contain any mycotoxins or mold
  • No chemical added aromas or additives
  • Available in a range of different roasts and flavors
  • Grown in mountain shade
  • Best organic quality with low-acidity


  • Slightly expensive but a coffee lover won’t mind paying extra for the rich taste.

2. Lavazza Super Crema Whole Bean Coffee Blend (Medium Espresso Roast)

Coming in second on our list is the medium dark roast Lavazza that gives you a creamy and mild espresso. This perfect traditional espresso coffee blends with persistent aroma and a velvety crema — combined with the smell of brown sugar and hazelnut.

You can enjoy a good evening with a unique blended medium espresso roast coffee. Additionally, we rate the aroma level of the Lavazza whole bean coffee as a 4 out of 5. The blend profile is the combination of 60% natural and washer Arabica as well as 40% natural and wet polished Robusta.

Lavazza Super Crema gives you a full body and an enhanced taste experience with the note of hazelnut and brown sugar. This is the reason; you can enjoy a whole bean coffee blend without adding any sweetener to your cup. You can say that Lavazza coffee beans offer you three roasting profiles such as balanced, aromatic, and medium to dark. These are one of the best coffee beans at this price.

Lavazza Super Crema Whole Bean Coffee Blend, light-Medium Espresso Roast,...
  • One bag of 2.2 lb Lavazza Super Crema Whole Bean Coffee Blend
  • Roast: Light/ Medium


  • Aromatic notes are brown sugar and hazelnut
  • Combination of washed, wet polished, and natural Arabica and Robusta
  • Ideal medium dark roast and whole bean espresso coffee
  • Enjoy velvety Super crema coffee without sugar
  • This coffee just smells great every time


  • Sometimes the beans are too hard
  • Complaints about beans being too bitter or burnt

3. Real Good Coffee Co Breakfast Blend

You can start your day with a Real Good whole bean coffee that makes your breakfast a delight. The intoxicating aroma and enhanced flavor can boost your energy and give you the desire to tackle your day.

The company uses high-quality Arabica beans that come from South and Central America. This coffee delivers great tasting notes. You can enjoy a smooth flavor with a combination of a brisk-citrus taste and aromatic notes of cream and milk chocolate. Several reviews consider this the best coffee beans for breakfast.

The premium quality light roast whole beans are compatible with every coffee brewer, including French press machines, drip coffeemakers, the popular Aeropress, espresso machines, Moka pots, pour-over, and other coffee machines. Real Good coffee is a great light roasted caffeinated breakfast coffee that increases your energy level throughout the day. On the other hand, you can choose French dark, light, medium, and dark roasted whole beans, each of which comes with a unique taste profile.

Real Good Coffee Co - Whole Bean Coffee - 2 Pound Bag - Breakfast Blend...
  • Whole Bean Light Roast Coffee - Your day just got better, thanks...
  • Quality Taste and Smell - Thanks to the smooth and satisfying...


  • High-quality Arabica coffee bean
  • Makes your morning fresh and energetic
  • Whole bean and lightly roasted coffee
  • Boost ups your energy level
  • Enjoy the smooth and silky aromatic notes


  • Some report a “muddy” flavor

4. illy Classico Whole Bean Coffee (Medium Roast)

Illy Classico coffee has a long, rich tradition of great coffee and the Classico Whole Bean is no exception. You can enjoy Classico coffee both day and night. The fine and a unique blend of Arabica beans give you a cup of brew with a full-body, rich and smooth profile.

This is an authentic Italian instant coffee, which is smooth, never bitter, balanced, and flawlessly consistent. The premium quality Illy coffee is available in four roasts such as Floral, Intense, Medium and Bold. All of them come with a unique intensity but Classico is the perfect mild, balanced taste, with its subtle notes of caramel.

illy Whole Bean Coffee - Perfectly Roasted Whole Coffee Beans – Classico...
  • FULL-FLAVORED ILLY WHOLE BEAN COFFEE - Start your adventure with...
  • PREPARE COFFEE WITH EASE - Evoke a classic Italian beverage at...

5. Kicking Horse Coffee – Kick Ass (Dark Roast)

Kicking Horse’s Kick Ass dark roast coffee is a daring invitation to wake up and start your day with active energy. It delivers the best aroma of sweet vanilla and dark chocolate along with a great smoky flavor. The dark roast coffee beans enhance the taste profile of this blend. Moreover, you can enjoy Kicking Horse coffee in plenty of blends such as licorice, molasses, lingering finish, and chocolate malt.

Kicking Horse Coffee, Kick Ass, Dark Roast, Whole Bean, Certified Organic,...
  • TASTING NOTES: Chocolate malt, molasses, licorice and an earthy...
  • ROAST: Dark

6. Koffee Kult Dark Roast Coffee Beans

If you like dark roasted starters, then Koffee Kult whole-bean coffee should be your first priority. It creates organically sourced, fair trade, and freshly dark roasted coffee without much oil. The noteworthy aromas are intoxicating and have a hint of cinnamon. And, the robust flavor of the Koffee Kult gives you a strong but smooth cup of coffee with no bitterness and low acidity.

We consider Koffee Kult to be the best artisan coffee, which is easily accessible in plenty of espresso bars, gourmet stores, and cafes as well. The company ensures optimal freshness. The Koffee Kult dark roast coffee is available at an affordable price.

Koffee Kult Dark Roast Whole Bean Coffee - Small Batch Gourmet Aromatic...
  • Caffeine content per serving: 20.0 milligrams
  • Caffeine content description: caffeinated

7. Death Wish Organic USDA Certified Whole Bean Coffee

The Death Wish coffee company manufactures the world’s strongest coffee. Their beans produce a bold, dark, and very caffeinated blend of coffee. Therefore, Death Wish coffee company doubled the strength of an average coffee cup that is not acidic and bitter. After drinking this blend, you will be at the peak of your game with clarity every day.

Death Wish Coffee Co., Organic and Fair Trade Dark Roast Whole Bean Coffee,...
  • EXTRA KICK OF CAFFEINE: Our whole roasted coffee beans will...
  • PREMIUM QUALITY BREW: This ain't your normal cup of coffee - our...

8. AmazonFresh Colombia Whole Bean Coffee (Medium Roast)

AmazonFresh uses premium quality Arabica beans to present the Colombia whole bean medium roast coffee. It gives you a balanced, fresh, and smooth finish a cup of coffee that has a slight smell of citrus. Additionally, an aroma is a combination of brown sugar and cocoa. This is the reason; you will feel fresh and active throughout the day.

AmazonFresh Colombia Whole Bean Coffee, Medium Roast, 32 Ounce
  • Balanced, full-bodied medium roast with a smooth finish
  • One 32-ounce bag of whole bean coffee

9. Mayorga Organics Cafe Cubano (Dark Roast)

Mayorga Organics manufactured the USDA 100% organic and verified by non-GMO coffee. This signature blend, whole beans, direct trade, and Arabica 100% coffee gives you a bold, sweet and smooth cup of coffee. The hints of a sweet, vanilla, smokiness syrup present the bold finish and smooth coffee.

On the other hand, Cafe Cubano Dark Roast coffee is ideal for making the moments memorable along with your friends and family. It also boosts up the energy and blood level to keep you fresh and healthier.

Mayorga Organics Coffee Cubano Roast Dark Coffee Dark Roast Whole Bean...
  • MAYORGA COFFEE CUBANO ROAST - Our Roastmaster craft roasts our...
  • 100% ARABICA WHOLE BEAN COFFEE - Start your day by enjoying the...

10. SF Bay Coffee Fog Chaser

SF Bay Coffee Fog Chaser is available in two dark and medium roast levels. It offers multiple tasting notes such as mandarin orange, smooth finish, toffee, creamy and milk chocolate. Coffee K-Cups is a single serving coffee pod that allows for quick, easy brewing.

San Francisco Bay Whole Bean Coffee - Fog Chaser (2lb Bag), Medium Dark...
  • Our iconic Fog Chaser is a blend of dark and medium roasted beans...
  • For finest taste, store in a cool, dark place and grind beans...

11. Valhalla Java Whole Coffee Beans Death Wish Coffee Company

Death Wish Coffee Company has selected premium quality coffee beans that it has roasted perfectly. It will provide you with an extra-strong flavor that is not only bold but smooth as well. These coffee beans are certified organic by USDA and Fair Trade.

Death Wish Coffee Co. Valhalla Java Odinforce Blend - Whole Bean Dark Roast...
  • BY THE POWER OF ODIN: Meet the Valhalla Java...
  • EXTRA KICK OF CAFFEINE: Our whole roasted coffee beans will...

Things to Consider When Selecting Coffee Beans

No two coffee beans are created in the same manner. They have different origins; they differ in roasts and there are different types of beans too. You can order a plethora of different tastes and blends online and the price is not going to be very high either. But the quality is not going to be premium either and you have to settle with average coffee as well.

For this, you need to understand various aspects associated with your morning beverage. Let’s have a look at each one of them in this buying guide:

Types of Coffee

If you don’t know much about coffee but you do need the best coffee beans in terms of taste, then you need to understand the origins of your coffee beans. There are some differences that are distinct and they do play their role in how you prefer you a cup of coffee.


Most of the coffee consumed in the continental US is Arabica originated. This is a type of coffee bean that is mountain-grown. These beans can only be grown at the elevations of 18,000 feet or more. You need to pack them in airtight bags while maintaining their environment to ensure the right coffee ecosystem until their consumption.


This is not very frequently found in the US because it is exclusively grown in African or in other Eastern Hemisphere countries. Some countries are also able to grow both Robusta and Arabica coffee beans, for a top-quality Robusta, the climate and the weather conditions need to be perfect. If you prefer a rich and strong flavor of coffee and caffeine and nothing else then you like Robusta.

Arabica and Robusta Mix

The most popular coffeehouse chain in North America, Starbucks uses a blend of Robusta and Arabica coffee. For any common American adult, this taste is too much and for that reason, you always hear critiques that say burnt flavoring coffee. In reality, it is a lot denser and richer in flavor because of the Robusta and Arabica mix that Starbucks uses.

The beans with single-origin from one particular country can come from a number of different places across the globe. Countries that grow these coffee beans have their myths associated with it. For instance, the Brazilian roast is heavy and dark. Beans from Ethiopia are fruity and sweet. Therefore, if you are looking for a particular profile of flavor then you need to pick your origin.

Country of Origin

The beans with single-origin from one particular country can come from a number of different places across the globe. Countries that grow these coffee beans have their myths associated with it. For instance, the Brazilian roast is heavy and dark. Beans from Ethiopia are fruity and sweet. Therefore, if you are looking for a particular profile of flavor then you need to pick your origin.

If you’re interested in unique flavors then go for blended beans. They will swirl to form a unique flavor. Just keep in mind to purchase artisan-blend roasts. Don’t go for those cheap blends that are there to reduce the cost and charge the consumers with high prices without providing them with quality products.


For a layman, acidity might refer to the sharpness of the tart flavor of coffee. But for a coffee expert or even a scientist it is actually the coffee’s pH content. If your digestive system can handle it, there is nothing wrong with drinking highly acidic coffee. Some people love the tang in the morning to wake them up.

However, if you suffer from gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), irritable bowel syndrome or even toothaches, then you need to switch yourself to a low acidic version. It won’t damage the enamel of your teeth or irritate the lining of your stomach. But you need to keep in mind the score on the pH scale. If the pH amount is low it means the acidity will be high. In simple words, your low acid cup will have a high pH.

Brewing technique

The taste of the coffee depends a lot on the brewing method for the beans. And there are so many brewing techniques. There is a drip method, French press, and cold brewing. Then there are other specialty techniques as well such as Turkish coffee and Espresso. You need to taste all these brewing methods to make a choice.


As we have mentioned above in the country of origin, coffees grown at different places, have different flavors. Therefore, you need to understand what flavor profiling you would prefer for yourself. If you like heavy and dark flavored coffee then Brazilian roast is excellent. If you prefer fruity flavor then Ethiopian coffee will work for you. There are coffee types that are very acidic too and people love them for their punchy flavor in the morning.

Organic vs. Non-Organic

If you are very concerned about the quality ten you need to buy organic coffee beans. Organic coffee doesn’t have any fertilizers or pesticides. It is much better for the environment and is normally grows in the shade of the trees.

With rich soil and high oxygen levels in the environment because of lots of trees the oxygen in the air is high. Organic coffee is also certified by the USDA. These are the traits that are not there when we talk about the non-organic version.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best-tasting coffee brand?

This is a question that definitely has a different answer for every individual because everyone has different choice and taste preferences. Lifeboost Coffee is the best coffee bean brand by far. The reason behind that is it not only has a wide variety of roasts available but it also offers different types of fruity flavors too.

Which country has the best coffee beans?

Columbia is a giant in the global coffee business. It supplies 15% of the world’s coffee and these are the best coffee beans in quality as well. Other countries whose beans lead the charts are Guatemala, Ethiopia, Jamaica, and Costa Rica.

Where can I buy fresh coffee beans?

There are different sources that you can explore when it comes to buying fresh coffee beans. You can either visit your local coffee shop or a specialty grocer. You can also shop online because many coffee roasters also roast on-demand and ship it. You’ll find plenty of online coffee sellers both on Amazon and on individual brand websites. Obviously, when you buy coffee beans by the pound online, you’ll get a better deal when you buy more.

How do I choose coffee beans for espresso?

If you a cup of coffee that is naturally sweeter, then you need to go for the dark roast beans! If you go for very dark roast then the flavor is going to be very ashy. If you get confused then go for espresso roast. As long as you like the taste, you can go for any coffee to make espresso. There is no need for special type of espresso coffee for your coffee machine. You can either use dark as well as a light roast but single-origin coffee will be more rewarding as compared to blend.

Wrapping Up Our Review

There are various aspects associated with the quality of coffee beans and how you prefer it. You need to know whether the coffee is a blend or single origin. The country of origin is also important and of course, then you need to consider what taste you prefer and what your brewing method is.

Some of the recommended coffees are available at your local grocery store, and others are only available online. It’s always recommend that you check prices on Amazon to ensure that you can get the best price available. Whatever your taste is always, make sure that you buy coffee in small quantities. Look for its expiration date to gauge its freshness. Always look to buy high-quality coffee and never consider buying poor quality coffee. Don’t buy coffee that you cannot trace. Go for a blend of Arabica with a 5% to 15% Robusta to experience a cup that you will truly cherish.

The best coffee beans to buy are from Lifeboost Coffee. The brand has a long list of enhanced flavors and you can also buy different types of roasts. They also make their coffee with the best techniques to make sure that you get that flavor that you crave for in the morning or at any time of the day.

So which brand of coffee do you prefer? Do you agree with what we have mentioned in our buying guide? Share a comment below and have your say!

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