21 Super Modern Living Room Coffee Table Decor Ideas

Coffee Table Decor Ideas


The living room is the heart of a home, of which the lounge area is the focal point of the room. This is one important reason why your coffee table decor should be top notched or at least presentable. Even a simple coffee table if decorated in the right way can change the appearance of the space. Nothing looks more dull in your living room like a cluttered surface over a coffee table. This happens when you do not know how to balance out the display items over your coffee table. Never neglect the importance of decor items when it comes to choosing among coffee table decor ideas. Whether they be souvenirs, or ancestral possession, or candles, or photo gallery or simply making the place look beautiful with books and flowers – you need to know the right way of making them look amazing!

It is in the living room where accent pieces look the most presentable as it is one of those areas where we spend most of our times and also that one space where guests are also seated. So whatever decor items you put on the coffee table will make a world of difference in the whole of your living room. Hence, it is important that you give attention to your coffee table decor. It is make the space look decluttered, charming and needless to say it should be decorated in a nice way.

21 Coffee Table Decor Ideas – Easy Interior Design and Decor Tips

In this article, we share with you 21 super modern living room coffee table decor ideas that are sure to suit your taste. At the end of the article, you will have a clear idea on how to balance your decor items over the coffee table irrespective of the varying scales of your display items.

1. Create The Focal Points

There could be more than one focal point on your coffee table. Focal points are the spaces which will be the highlights of the coffee table to display the decor items that you want more visibility for. Think of the focal points on your coffee table when you’re placing the decor items on it. You can later on change the look of your coffee table by adding contrast or creating darker or neutral tones of the items. You can highlight any eye-catchy element on your coffee table with a lighter, or darker shade against the colour of your coffee table.

2. Make Grids

When you have a larger size coffee table, you have to be careful about where you begin from. You can start with the smaller decor items and then form a grid and position those items in such a way that they form squares. This way you can further compartmentalize your decor and make the surface of the coffee table look clutter-less. However, if your coffee table is a small one the idea of gridding won’t be applicable as you would not have enough space to compartmentalize your decor items.

3. You Can Add Seasonal Items

Aforementioned, your coffee table is the focal point of your living room so it however you decide to decorate it, it needs to appeal to the overall theme of the living room. The coffee table is one space wherein you can experiment with all kinds of seasonal decor items as well. For example, if you want to add flowers you can add exotic looking flowers such as orchids for the springtime of the year, or you could also go for beachy and summery items such as sea shell or a stack of books for summer season feels or opt for an orange coffee table mat for a warm autumn feel. You could also go with certain key points of the living room such as the colour of the wall. If the color of the wall is a neutral tone, you could add a lot of geometrical patterned or floral printed decor items to accentuate the space.

These peonies will be a big hit on your coffee table and give the right kind of seasonal vibe to the space.

4. Balance Out The Highs And Lows

If all of your decor accessories on the coffee table are on the same level then the decor items will not get noticed. To make it look appealing, create various degrees in heights that will also help you make vignettes. For instance, if you have a large flower vase or a larger candle stand, then place it in the center of the coffee table and the smaller decor items could surround it. Or, you could place it on one edge of the coffee table, and the other side could have the smaller decor items over it.

How about this black metal candle stand to set the mood right for your living room?

5. Lesser Items

Well, the age-old rule of threes comes in handy when decorating your coffee table which is round or oval in shape or in short, smaller in size. It not only fills up the surface in an aligned manner but also makes the entire space appealing. Always remember that when your coffee table is smaller in size, make sure to keep lesser decor items to complement the size. Furthermore there needs to be space between the decor items or else it could draw away from the charm of the space.

6. Splash Some Colours

You could play with colours on your coffee table. If you are into painting, you could even paint the entire table in the colour of your choice and something that complements the colours of the living room. If your coffee table is made of dark wood, experiment with metallic items for decor accessories. If these ideas are way too bold for you, go for table trays in bright or table mats in bold colours or make sure your items are in brighter hues. If you do not want to spend much, you could also do with books that have colourful covers and create gradients or come colourful patterns with it.

Add chic decor to your coffee table decor by placing these coffee table pads on it.

7. You Can Create A Focal Side

Sometimes you could also play the trick of accessorizing one side of the table and leaving the other half empty or maybe just place a large vase on it. This would help you to keep the area clutterless and keep space for friends and family to play games on it. This also balances the coffee table decor and does not make it look cluttered. You could also use the other side to have your meals, play games or offering snacks when guests are at home.

8. Give In To The Green

At times, when you run of ideas to decorate your coffee table surface, the safest way is to fill up the space with plants. It could either be artificial pots or real ones – depends on how often you can maintain them. It might surprise you how a simple houseplant could do wonders for your coffee table. You could either put a plant pot over a stack of books in the centre or cover one part of the coffee table with more than one plant and you are good to go!

Agave plants never go out of fashion and looks good wherever you place them.

9. Make Use Of A Tray

A tray on a coffee table serves for two kinds of need: practical use as well as styling purpose. Placing a tray over a coffee table with decor items on it can give the right kind of structure and symmetry to your coffee table decor so be careful about the colour and other aesthetics of it. You could keep it on the side or the center wherever you think it is looking good. If you are confused on what decor items to fill up the tray with, just put some candles on it and it will look good that way.

Metal mirrored trays will always stay in fashion and irrespective of whether your coffee table is made of wood or metal – it is sure to look good on your coffee table.

10. Play Around With The Decor Items

If you are tight on the budget then instead of decor items go for something more unique like a small board game such as chess. This could also help you break the ice with your guests and it will also make the space entertaining every time you sit around it or you have someone visiting your place. You could also opt for a vintage board game, or even do with a few old wine bottles and accentuate the space with few wine glasses or even some sophisticated or vintage spoon set to add some elegance to the space.

Chess boards are not only classy but they add a vintage touch to them as well.

11. Pick Any One Item!

If you feel you want to keep the space open, neat and simple, replace the idea of filling it with knick knacks by placing one large item to overall give a modern as well as minimalist twist to the overall vibe of the space. It could even be something like a bust of Buddha, a large candle stand or even a larger plant. The choices will be in abundant!

12. Give A Personal Touch

The coffee table decor items need not be bought keeping in mind that you want to buy the latest items that are trending. Your coffee table is also a personal space of yours so instead of showcasing decor items, how about giving into ancestral treasures to display such as an old watch that has been passed on to you from your previous generations in the family or an exquisite small trunk that you might have bought from a memorable vacation a decade back. It could also be something like a piece of jewelry or an old telephone or even a tape recorder. It could even be an item you have made yourself such as painted beer bottles! They are sure to add the right amount of charm and uniqueness to the coffee table and the overall seating space.

13. Silvery Tone

Silver decor items look really sophisticated and classy especially when they are in the central place of your living room such as your coffee table. They give a chic and cool vibe to the space. It could either be silver candles or silver flower vase pair, or even a clock. Silver can complement all kinds of colour tones, even better with all kinds of wood.

14. Flower Power

The safest bet for a decor item on your coffee table is flowers. It is the first thing that will come to your mind when you think about filling up the surface of your coffee table. They can decorate your coffee table in an amazing way. They are the kind of accent pieces that can cheer up the atmosphere and add a romantic vibe to the space. The choice of colours depend entirely on you!

15. DIY Bottles

Ever felt like painting those used beer bottles that lie in the utility area of your kitchen? You might have painted them but did not know where to place them. So bring them out and place them on your coffee table. You could choose to use them as flower vases or simply place them as it is. This way you will not even have to spend a lot of money to decorate your coffee table. The results will surely be vibrant and a delight to the sight!

16. Put Memories On Display

Galleries are so trendy! They’re also a great way to showcase artwork and favorite family photos along with souvenirs. You could opt for frames in same hue to give a cohesive look. This also gives a personal touch to the coffee table and gives a familial vibe to the space.

Add the right kind of personal touch by making a gallery out of your coffee table.

17. Plaza Center Table

Plaza Center Tables are a modern frame of table that is mostly made of stainless steel tubes with a stainless top. A lot of people use it at their entrance but it could also be converted into a modern coffee table that is perfect for a contemporary living room. You could place a metallic decor item in the center and that is it! Nothing more or nothing less – you are good to go!

18. Create Vignette

Vignettes create character out of decor accessories. But don’t make the mistake of placing all your personal belongings on display on the coffee table. Group them in vignettes by carefully choosing what you want to show off and putting away the rest. Remember that you can change them up from time to time.

Create vignette in the right way with vintage items such as this clock.

19. Playful Fusion

If you have cool and funky toys of your kids lying around in your house unused, you could even use them as decor items for your coffee table. This could also be well contrasted with a flower vase or some books on the side to create the right kind of fusion and at the same time balance the contrast of decor items.

20. Clean And Organized

If you are an ardent book lover and want to add that personal character to the coffee table decor of your living room, go for an all books decor idea. It is simple, basic and clean lined accent piece. You could play with them by placing knick knacks over each stack to contrast the straight lines. This will give a simple at the same time dynamic setting to the space.

21. Candles For Adding Romance

Lastly, another safe bet for decor items for your coffee table are candles. There is no reason why candles will not look good on a coffee table – it is meant to be for that space. Their colour could be in definite contrast with the colour of your coffee table or complement the tone – whichever way you find it more beautiful for your coffee table. Candles don’t stand out as statement piece but they definitely don’t look out of place either.

This colourful set of candles is sure to add the right kind of vibrance on your coffee table top.

What Is A Modern Living Room?

A modern living room is a mix of classical energy flowing over minimalist space. Have you noticed ever noticed a leather sofa against a neutral toned walls, with oriental furniture all in the same space? That is a modern style living room for you! They are never cluttered as they essentially focus on the seating and lighting to add a personality to the space.

The concept of modern living room design is simple — stick to the basics, but with elegance. When we talk about a modern home, there is not a single style that is dominant — it is highly conceptual and expressive. The use of materials like steel, concrete, and glass are featured a lot in a modern living room, keeping them not just structured but also economical in every sense.

How To Determine One’s Coffee Table Decor?

The design aesthetics of your coffee table decor comes primarily from what utility the coffee table serves for the seating area. Is it solely for entertaining purpose or family gathering, or is it intended for casual activities? This is important as the layout of the coffee table depends on the functional needs of the living room. It further adds personality to the space. While decorating your coffee table, it is essential to consider some key aspects like the kind of lifestyle best suited for you, the space of your lounge area in the living room whether it is big and spacious for other potential purposes like lounge decor items, dining et al; or a small and cosy space. The colour of the walls, the floorplanning and what kind of character you want to add to the space also affects the coffee table decor ideas. Functionality and usage, hence, are very important even though your taste might change after a point.

Types Of Coffee Table Decor Depending On Colour Of Living Room

1. Calming Look

Staying within the one shade can give your coffee table a subtle tone. This ideally looks best in a living room with bold colours to balance the soothing factor. If the wall if of a darker colour then give some different shade and slightly lighter colours for the decor items on the surface of the coffee table. Light colours like blue, lavender and pinks and yellows are great choices for a romantic feeling of restfulness in the seating area of the living room. If you’re looking for a calm ambience, choose lighter shades of either cool or warm colours. Further, don’t hold on to the rule of one shade and one texture – experiment!

2. Elegant Look

Neutral colours or nude tones offer elegance and a spring seasoned-feel to the seating area. They need not just be a pale white or soft beige. The best part about neutral shades is the ability to experiment with warm colours for all kinds of decor items irrespective of whether it is big or small so as to contrast the neutral tone of the living room. Another rule of thumb — lighter colours makes the area more spacious in appearance. Rust, mahogany wood will offer an instant elegance and a feeling of earthiness and richness.

3. Vibrant Look

Love the colours in a pizza? How about you saw those colours on the surface of your coffee table? A vibrant living room is a mix of warm shades of reds, oranges or even gold and muted shades of pink, peach, yellow. Choose two colours next to each other on the colour wheel for a visually contrasting and a dramatic touch to the decor items on your coffee table.


Consider the coffee table in your living room as the hub of all social activities in your living room. So make sure that when you decorate it, it should not look cluttered and should be as inviting as possible. Your coffee table decor should be as such that it goes with the theme of your living room and at the same time make your guest green with envy the next time they visit your place, when you go with these coffee table decor tips with these coffee table decor ideas.

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