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Cuisinart 14 Cup Brew Central Reviews

1) Buyer Review

Paula Justen – Great machine

Makes good coffee. I bought the metal filter and it fits well. Can be programmed to give you coffee in the morning when you are too busy to make it!

2) Buyer Review

Richard A Kendall Jr – Money saver feature

I like the cone shaped filters, makes for a great cup of coffee.

The “Bold” button feature works as a money saver. Click this button before brewing (or when programming), and you can use 20-25% less coffee. Use your normal amount of water.

If you like a really bold taste, use your normal amount of coffee, and get a really dark cup.


3) Buyer Review

B.L. Too Hot

Our last coffee maker had a low-temp setting, and the resulting coffee was close to 155 degrees (drinking anything above 149 is reported to contribute to throat cancer).

This maker has low, medium, and high temperature settings, but even with low, the resulting coffee is 185 degrees or so. I was disappointed because its temp setting is the only reason we didn’t get a cheaper coffee maker.

Yes, I know that the water has to boil to make coffee. I’m not sure how the other maker kept the temp low. Maybe it didn’t turn on the heating pad at all (this should be an option for this coffee maker).

I almost sent it back, but a workaround is to set it to turn off the heating pad as soon as the coffee is done (nice feature). Also, I set it to finish brewing about ten minutes before we come down in the morning, so by the time we get there it has cooled a bit.


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  • Cuisinart 14 Cup Brew Central Reviews
  • Cuisinart 14 Cup Reviews
  • Cuisinart 14 Cup Brew Central
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  • Cuisinart Cup Brew Central Reviews
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