Hamilton Beach Flexbrew Review – Buy ONLY after reading this!

Hamilton Beach Flexbrew Review


Who doesn’t love a cup of coffee especially when you can customize your mornings with Hamilton Beach Flexbrew Coffee Maker? Coffee has the ability to enhance your central nervous system, can increase your alertness and help you to improvise your memory.

So, to prepare a great cup of coffee, all you need is a Hamilton Beach Flexbrew, a two-way brewer. It is one of the most versatile auto drip coffee makers available on the market. This coffee brewer machine has the ability to brew 12 cups of coffee, and you can even brew a single cup of coffee as well.

Hamilton Beach Flexbrew by Hamilton Beach

Hamilton Beach company was founded 100 years ago in 1910. The name Hamilton Beach is quite a household name in America and Canada. Moreover, the company makes a wide variety of Kitchen Appliances, everything from toasters to electric knives to best Coffee Makers.

Hamilton Beach FlexBrew Trio 2-Way Coffee Maker, Compatible with K-Cup Pods...
  • THREE WAYS TO BREW. Brew 12 cups with ground coffee on the carafe...
  • SINGLE-CUP COFFEE MAKER. Brew a cup with a K-Cup pod, another pod...

However, the company is not a specialty coffee brand like DeLonghi or Keurig. This doesn’t mean that their coffee makers are worst than others.

Probably not…

But it does mean that the company can put a lot more efforts as other coffee makers brands do. However, Hamilton Beach is something with Flexbrew system in the market.

What we love most about Hamilton Beach Flexbrew?

Two Way Brewing

Well, to prepare a fantastic cup of coffee, the brewing should be both fine as well as quick. You can brew a full pot which can hold 12 cups of coffee, or you can make a cup of coffee for an individual using K-Cup pack on the single-serve side with this 2 in 1 Coffee maker.

Flexibility for Brewing Coffee

Now once you start using Hamilton Beach Flexbrew, you’ll be amazed that how flexible it is. As it is the 2-way coffee maker, therefore, it has plenty of options for all types of coffees and any quantity as well. It is flexible with single-serve to a full pot of coffee.

Even if you have two different coffee drinkers than this coffee maker is quite flexible to customize according to how and what you brew which is a crucial reason why it is the most popular coffee maker.

Easy to Clean

A lot of coffee lovers have to face a big problem of cleaning a coffee maker. Well, in the case of Hamilton Beach Flexbrew it’s absolutely not a big deal. The pod-piercing assembly tool of this coffee maker can easily be removed which can help you prevent clogging.

Note: Clogging mainly occur when you use your coffee maker frequently.

Fully Automatic

When you see Hamilton Beach Flexbrew coffee maker then the first thing which you’ll see on the top coffee pot’s digital clock. It is easy to program, and you can set your brew time up to 24 hours in advance.

Now, this coffee maker machine is entirely automatic like it’s an auto pause and serve helps you remove the carafe and pour a hot coffee without any dripping.

Moreover, many incidents happen where we are busy doing something and left the coffee pot on. So in such scenarios, you don’t have to worry about, its auto shutoff feature will automatically cut off the power and prevents any loss of electricity.

Pros and Cons of Hamilton Beach Flexbrew

* You can brew a full pot or a single mug with this 2-way versatile coffee maker.

* It’s K-Cup pod Compatible.

* Comes with Brew Strength Selector which can help you Brew Coffee accordingly.

* Programmable Carafe Side.

* Auto Shut off after 2 hours of brewing started.

* Easy to clean as well as maintain.

Specification of Hamilton Beach Flexbrew Coffee Maker

* Dimensions 13.9H x 10.24W x 10.63D

* Brew 10oz. With Keurig* K-Cup Packs or 14 oz. with ground coffee

* 12-cup Carafe Side with programmable timer

* 2-hour Auto Shutoff Feature

* 2-way Coffee Maker

* Weight – 6.37 pounds

* 1050 Watts

Brewing a Cup of Coffee with Hamilton Beach Flexbrew

So, to brew a single cup of coffee, you can either use a pod or else grounds. That’s something refreshing about this coffee maker that you’re not at all limited to a pod if you want a single cup- and you can even use your favorite grounds as well.

How to Brew a Single Cup of Coffee?

So, here is the step by step guide which will help you to brew a single cup of coffee using a single serve sachet.

Step 1. Merely press the single-serve button, and then lift the lid latch until lid clicks open.

Note: Make sure that your funnel is in the place.

Step 2. Place a single-serve sachet of coffee into the removable single-serve pack holder in the funnel. Shut down the lid by pressing the coffee pack.

Step 3. Now lift the water reservoir lid of the single-serve, and add water to the reservoir followed by the mug.

Step 4. Once you have added water, just close the lid, and press the Brew Strength button to make it regular or bold the choice is yours.

Step 5. Press Brew Now Button to get started brewing, and the coffee maker will automatically shut off once the brewing is completed.

Note: While brewing coffee for the travel mug remove the rest of the cup.

How to Brew a Carafe of Coffee?

This step by step guide will show you a 12 cup carafe of coffee.

Step 1. Initially press Carafe Button, and then lift the lid to remove the brew basket.

Step 2. Simply place a paper coffee filter Into the brew basket. Now for each of the cup of coffee, you need to put one level of a tablespoon of grounds into the filter.

Step 3. Put the brew basket back in the holder, and fill the carafe with 12 cups of regular water and pour the water in the carafe water reservoir.

Note: You can check the water level with the water showing meter attached with the Hamilton Beach Flexbrew.

Step 4. Once you have poured the water, you need to change the Brew Strength by tapping on Brew Strength Button. Change the brew strength to BOLD.

Step 5. Press the Brew Now Button to start brewing your coffee. Once your added coffee is brewed its automatic shut off feature will shut off the coffee maker two hours after the brew cycle begins.

Glitches that most people have filed!

I have seen a lot of people are reasonably not that impressed with the taste of coffee which they have freshly brewed from their Hamilton Beach Flexbrew Coffee Maker.

What according to me is that majority of the people who have registers their complaint doesn’t grind their coffee? Because when you use the generic brands of pre-ground coffee to grinding it yourself, then you can see a massive difference.

Now, according to me if you are serious about making coffee, then you can invest your money in this budget coffee maker. It can bring a huge difference in the morning cup of coffee. Rest is up to you and thinking that whether your purpose is solved by purchasing this coffee maker or not.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What’s the tallest travel mug that I can use on the single side – in inches or ounces?

A1. This 2-way coffee maker comes with an adjustable drip tray which can flexible with a mug up to 7 inches tall for the single serve side.

Q2. Can this coffee maker only use the K-cups or just put regular coffee in the small filter cup?

A2. Yes, it can work with either K-Cups or a regular coffee cup.

Q3. What’s the temperature of the coffee?

A3. It takes time to brew a K-Cup coffee at 176.2-degree temperature.

Q4. Is the coffee maker is BPA free?

A4. Yes, the coffee makers are entirely BPA free in all food zones.

Q5. Is the K-Cup side programmable?

A5. No, the K-Cup side is not programmable. Only the carafe side of the coffee maker is programmable.

Q6. What is the size of Coffee liners does the coffee maker use?

A6. 3 and 1/4 base that is around 10 to 12 cups.

Q7. Does this coffee maker have a spot for a charcoal filter?

A7. No, it has no charcoal filter. You need to directly pour both Carafe and only sides which you can use as primary Brita pitcher to refill which is quite cheaper and easy to maintain as well.

Q8. Does it come with the thermos for a single server side?

A8. No, it does not come with the thermos. However, it only comes with the large carafe, the mesh and the K-Cup pod for the single serve side.

Do’s and Don’ts while using Coffee Machine!

Here we have featured what you must do’s and don’ts while using the coffee machine.


  1. When you start the coffee machine, you must read instructions before using it.
  2. Make sure to remove the water tank from the machine while filling it.
  3. Use fresh water for brewing coffee.
  4. While you’re emptying the coffee grounds container, always switch ON the machine.
  5. Descale your coffee machine regularly.


  1. Don’t use coffee beans in the coffee machine.
  2. Don’t remove the drip tray as well as coffee grounds container while the machine is running.
  3. Avoid leaving your coffee machine in extended periods of storage. Switch off it if you’re not using it.
  4. Don’t add more than two level measuring spoons of ground coffee to the filter funnel.

Hamilton Beach Flexbrew – Is it Value for Money?

Overall, Hamilton Beach Flexbrew is one of the most versatile coffee makers, and that’s the main reason why people love it. However, on some of the aspects, the machine is not that perfect, but it does offer a lot of value.

So, what according to you a coffee machine should offer. Moreover, when it comes to brewing the coffee, does this coffee machine works well or not. Let’s have a healthy discussion in the comment section.

Also, tell us what you love the most in Hamilton Beach Flexbrew Coffee Machine.

Do connect with us in the comment section if you have any queries or suggestions.

Hamilton Beach FlexBrew Trio 2-Way Coffee Maker, Compatible with K-Cup Pods...
  • THREE WAYS TO BREW. Brew 12 cups with ground coffee on the carafe...
  • SINGLE-CUP COFFEE MAKER. Brew a cup with a K-Cup pod, another pod...
Hamilton Beach FlexBrew Coffee Maker Review
  • Coffee
  • Single Serving
  • Ease of use
  • K-Cups
  • Price


Hamilton Beach Flexbrew is the best multipurpose appliance we have ever used. To begin with, it’s easy to use, use one side or the other. The single serve, or k cup side, works great. Because of the modular design of the k cup holder, you just need to make sure when you place the k cup in, that you feel it get punctured by the bottom needle. The top needle does not need much pressure because it only punctures the foil top of the k cups, so just by closing the cover you will be fine. Our only negative, which probably won’t bother most coffee drinkers is that the coffee comes out too hot.