Steps to use your Keurig coffee maker efficiently


Best keurigs coffee maker rely upon the demand and needs of the users. Each user has different needs and reasons to say that it is best. Some look out for the unique feature, some for its price, some for its size, etc. But before planning to purchase a coffee maker ensure that it has the below mentioned things.

 Keurig coffee maker

●    Heating water feature

Keurig coffee maker provides facility of heating water for instant oatmeals, hot chocolate, hot tea, etc. If you are a type of user who do not use this feature then you can select a model which provides an option of switching the off or on button for this facilities.

●    Energy saving

As you know that this coffee makers work with the help of electricity. So ensure that the coffee maker use less electricity or else select a model which switches off by its own after brewing. There are models which stays on even after the usage. This type of models can increase your utility bill. If you are a person who forgets to switch off the buttons after its usage then you should prefer models which shuts down automatically after the usage.

●    Special programming facilities

If you are a person who never like to go to kitchen the moment after getting up and you also need a coffee then check out the model which helps to program according to your needs. There are models which provides special programming features which allow you to set the time period so that as soon as you get up you get a hot coffee.

Now let’s check the steps to use the Keurig coffee maker without any difficulty. Compared to other coffee makers, using a keurig coffee maker is easiest. Then too, some people gets confused. Below mentioned words will help you out from that situation.

Measures to use the coffee maker easily

Step 1:

Plug your coffee maker and then switch it on. Although the keurig prepares your coffee instantly, you need to wait for a moment to get the water boiled.

Step 2:

Now you need to fill the reservoir. The reservoir lid is placed on the top and to the left hand side of the machine. Lift it and then fill the water on it. As soon as you fill the water, you can hear a noise. Don’t get panicked, it is the machine taking water into it for heating. The machine can store enough water which can be used for many cup of coffees. Some reservoirs can lift away from the machine and others need you to pour the water into the reservoir. It all depends upon the model.

Step 3:

Now you need to select the coffee. Most of the machines come with a selection of k-cups, that are made up of plastic and it contains both the coffee and a filter. You can select the one which you prefer. But ensure that you do not remove the foil lid.

Step 4:

Open the coffee chamber gently which is placed on the centre of the machine just above the logo of the keurig and place the k-cup over there. After placing the k-cup, close the lid with the help of the handle. Now you need to concentrate on the machine’s display where you can see the notification once the coffee is ready.

Step 5:

During that time take your mug and and be ready to place that on the tray which is present on the bottom of the machine at centre. Ensure that the mug is not bigger than the space allotted for the mug. If yes then select a mug which can be placed easily into that part of the machine. It is seen that a mug which holds 10 ounces or more can be placed efficiently into that tray. So it is recommended that you choose a mug which can hold more than 10 ounces. If you are not familiar with the aunce, then no worry, just place an appropriate mug into the tray which can be placed and removed easily.

Step 6:

After selecting the appropriate mug, click on the brew button. Below the display of the machine you can see many buttons present over there. Click on to the button which pictures a cup of coffee. If you are a beginner then it is recommended that you choose smallest so that the cup does not overflow from the mug.

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