Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee – Why it is so expensive?

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As a coffee lover, you must have tasted the different amazing flavors of coffee, but one flavor stands out, and that is the Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee. For the people who have taken this drink at least for once have mentioned that for the coffee lovers it is one of a kind experience.

Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee

Blue Mountain coffee from Jamaica is a very highly rated Beans of the coffee world. It has a smoky, floral and nutty taste, which will make you understand why this coffee is so much sought after. But there is a downside to every highly regarded product, and many of the sellers are not giving the actual bag of Jamaican coffee to the consumers.

Today we will be having in-depth research and know everything there is to know about the Blue Mountain coffee from Jamaica and how to buy it in its original flavor.

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Why Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee is so expensive?

This is indeed a great question. You might think that if I have to pay 60 bucks for 16 oz of beans, there must be something extraordinary about it. Here are top 7 reasons which explains why this coffee type is so expensive:

Hand harvested

Every single Bean is infected with ample care so that there are no adulterations. Hand inspecting each one takes enormous effort and therefore the coffee’s pricey.

Longer time taking

Unlike the other coffee beans, it takes twice as long time to mature and be strong enough to be brewed.

Low production

If you talk about the production unit, Jamaica producers just 14 million lbs of coffee per year, in comparison to Ethiopia which produces 800 million lbs.

More demand

RSW estates produce only 60000 lbs per year, which means that the demand is more as compared to the supply. When the supply-demand balance is not established, then the coffee is meant to be expensive.

Most shipping in Japan

80% of the total Jamaican blue mountains coffee is shipped to Japan, and the rest of the world gets the remaining 20%. No wonder, the prices of this coffee is absolutely high.

Quality more than quantity

Great coffee production takes time as the need to ensure the quality while shifting the focus from the quantity. The more time it takes, the more is the price.

Hundred percent Sun drying is done soothe so there is very low moisture content in the Bean. While artificial drying is quick, yet it leaves a considerable amount of moisture which can ruin the flavor. Because it takes immense efforts, therefore, it leads to the high price of the coffee.

Where does Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee get its name from?

Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee Beans

Jamaica blue mountains are one of the elongated ranges on the island. It is a beautiful spot which is warm and humid and is absolutely efficient for cultivating coffee beans. Now if coffee is grown in such a fancy place, then it would be unjustified not to give it a fancy name as well.

Origin of coffee in Jamaica can be traced back to 1728 when the Jamaica governor planted the first coffee crops. The coffee that we find today are the seedlings of the first eight plants, which became the major industry of the island.

The Blue Mountain term comes from the fact that these coffee seeds are planted at very high altitude, at about five and a half thousand feet.

What does the Blue Mountain coffee taste like?

  • It has a Mild yet polished
  • It has a Very neat taste with minor bitterness
  • It is very smooth but comprises of vibrant acidity
  • It comprises an Aroma of sweet florals and herbs with a pinch of nutty taste.

The uniqueness in the taste of coffee is what makes this crop one of the highest pricing even though Jamaica just grows 0.1 % of the total world’s coffee.

Why is this coffee flavor found only in Jamaica?

This Island has a very tropical climate which gifts coffee beans the sunshine and water that it needs to bloom. Such a Perfect Combination isn’t found in many of the places in the world, and therefore Blue Mountain is an absolute delicacy.

But it is also a very ironical fact that the soil in Jamaica at the Blue Mountain altitude is not of good quality, but experts say that it is one of the adversities that somehow improve the flavor of the coffee.

How will you be assured about the brand?

The Identity of the Blue Mountain coffee has been preserved by Jamaica with the help of a specific certification mark that has been brought forward by the coffee industry Board of Jamaica. Be sure that if it doesn’t consist of the seal, then it is not the real coffee.

It is easy to recognize the coffee beans even though there is no protection in case you are looking for specific blends. If you want to lower the price, then you instead of getting the pure Blue Mountain beans go for the blends with this coffee along with other Jamaican coffee types.

The best coffee estates that produces Blue Mountain coffee beans

Wallenford estate

Which state was bought in the year 2013 for reviving the company and since then it has been able to produce some of the best Blue Mountain coffee beans in the world.

Clifton mountain estate

It is one of the oldest plantations till date and it is placed at 5000 feet on the eastern slope of Saint Catherine’s peak. It is still in operation and has been rendered as the Rolls-Royce of coffee.

Flamstead estate coffee

This is a coffee plantation that has been grown at an altitude of 3300 feet and it gives an incredible coffee flavor.

Greenwich estate coffee

Each of the coffee beans in this place is specifically hand-picked parchment fermented and pulpit to give it a very smooth taste and a great aftertaste.

How is the Blue Mountain coffee industry doing today?

It might sound surprising but a few years ago in the year 2012, the Jamaican coffee industry was actually facing hard times. Since 80% of the Jamaican coffee production is taken up by Japan, therefore the industry somehow depends primarily on Japan. But back in the year 2012,  there was a decline in the Japanese market because the crops were Beetle infested.


In the year 2016 deep market flourished again because of the quality and quantity of the beans that the farmers were able to produce. Needless to say coffee is one of the major industries for Jamaica and when you visit there, you will find numerous coffee holidays which will give you a chance to enjoy the Serbian beauty of Jamaica and enjoy the coffee produced by them.

How can you spot a fake Blue Mountain coffee?

Because Blue Mountain coffee is very expensive and rare, therefore many coffee sellers sell normal coffee in the name of Jamaican blue mountain coffee to the unwitting tourists in the heart of Jamaica, and in the market, the duplicates are even more.

Check the packaging at the very beginning

The essence of Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee is that it is grown roasted and packaged on the same Island where it is originated. Therefore, the coffee board of Jamaica has given a specific symbol on the packaging so that it can be differentiated from the fake ones. Therefore it is always a good practice to check the packaging for the symbol before spending your bucks.

Avoid the Blue Mountain blends

The coffee experts say that whenever you are buying a blend of Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee, there is no Thumb Rule of a minimum amount of Blue Mountain rare coffee that has to be included therefore most of the blends have as low as 10% of it while the rest of the coffee contains other flavors. If you do have to go for the best coffee flavor, buy nothing but the pure pack.

Buy from someone you trust

Make sure that you are buying from a real coffee expert because all the artisan roasters and grinders are actually very passionate about what they sell and recognition matters to them rather than money.

Do not be freight to ask questions

Since you are paying so much for such a less amount of coffee, you have all the rights to see the documentation regarding the originality of it. Anyone who is selling real Blue Mountain coffee will be proud to show you the paperwork trail of how the coffee has been created.

How to brew the Blue Mountain coffee in the best manner?

If you are buying such an expensive item, then you have to make sure that you are doing justice to it. Perfectly brewing the Blue Mountain coffee is essential because otherwise, you would not get the correct flavor.

  • Keep your coffee fresh by storing it in a vacuum container. Make sure that you do not put it in the fridge. Let the tight container be its residence until you are ready to use it.
  • Grind it as well as you can and immediately before using it, preferably at home. This helps in keeping the flavor intact.
  • Use the technique of immersion to bring out its aroma. The French Press or percolator will do all that is needed to give justice to the Bean.
  • Make use of filtered water that has been boiled and cooled for 30 to 45 seconds before immersing the grounds.

Bottom line

The Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee is one of a kind and should be tasted by the coffee lovers at least for once. It is expensive and rare, but it has just the right kind of flavors that would enhance the coffee drinking experience for an individual

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