Keurig Coffee Makers Troubleshooting Guide – Everything You Need To Know!

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A good cup of coffee can keep you going for most of the day, the efficiency with which a Keurig coffee maker shapes these lovely bouts of caffeine just adding to its delicacy. Known for being one of the best-selling products on every venture related to coffee making, their coffee seems to inspire, motivate, and simply help you appreciate your day throughout.

But not everything in this world can be expected to be perfect. Machines, very much man-made, can result in a few issues eventually. A humble product by nature, most Keurig coffee makers can be found being slightly less perfect along the same lines as well. In retrospect though, these can simply be solved at home, a simple result of overworking the product, or simply maintenance issues, that went wrong through wrong inhibitions.

These odd situations, be it the machine’s refusal to switch on while you press the button profusely, or even excess water leakages throughout the brewing process, require simple instructions to be followed, some to help prevent while others to help solve them.

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To start with, let’s have a look at particular problems, along with several solutions that can help you understand what led to such a negative outcome.

Common Problems

The Keurig coffee maker keeps turning on and off

If your Keurig machine keeps turning on and off randomly, it’s quite likely that the in-built timer has been turned on to a particular set timing. The best solution to this issue is to go through the manual provided along with the product regarding how you can switch the timer off. If you can’t seem to find the guide, alternatively you can go through the official website of Keurig.

If this process keeps occurring while the machine is processing your coffee, considering the water reservoir being knocked off due to the vigorous vibrations of the machine is the most likely explanation. Setting the magnet of the reservoir correctly can easily solve this problem.

The Keurig machine keeps leaking

The most likely explanation for this issue is the inappropriate installation of the gasket, particularly the upper gasket. It can be found near the puncture needle of the contraption. If it’s misplaced, simply place it in its correct position. If you seem to have lost it, a replacement can be purchased at any hardware store.

The coffee brewed by the machine tastes off

Unless you’ve recently changed the coffee, you mix in the machine, the most likely reason for an odd taste in your coffee can specifically be attributed to scale deposits present in the machine. Cleaning your machine thoroughly within three months, less if you regularly utilize this machine, should become a common practice to help avoid this issue. Cleaning it up will also help solve the problem of the wrong tasting coffee.

Some advanced machines would include an in-built feature that reminds you when to clean up, but most would require regular attention to keep up the taste. Change in water type could also attribute to the frequency of the clean-up.

There is less coffee provided than usual.

With the water pipes clogged, it becomes much likely to have a reduced amount of coffee brewed into your cup that unusual. Don’t fret, it’s a common issue observed among coffee makers due to its delicate water lines. This clogging particularly includes coffee grounds and debris that can be easily rectified.

The solution, therefore, refers to utilizing the machine alone with water, without a k-cup. This helps filter out the coffee and debris that’s already a part of the machine. Once it’s all free of this debris and coffee grounds, you can start drinking your regular amount of coffee through the lines.

Even with access water, the machine reads “Add more water.”

If the problem keeps persisting, even after refilling the machine all over again, there might be a cleanliness problem with the reservoir. Detaching it and rinsing it with soap and water, if it’s not dishwasher friendly, with your hand, should do the trick. Filling it to its maximum potential and then re-attaching it to the coffee maker should result in a functioning machine all over again. Try starting the process all over again to check if the message appears all over again or not. If it does appear on the screen again, you’ll need to contact customer care.

In conclusion, we’ve discussed some of the most common issues that you could face as a proud owner of a Keurig Coffee maker, such as irregular power turning on and off, water leakages, and even issues regarding taste. As mentioned, simply maintaining your machine can help you with never having to go through a similar issue in the long term, therefore practicing a regular clean-up for the machine should do the trick.

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