What is the the difference between latte and macchiato?

What is macchiato and what is the the difference between latte and macchiato


Right now with so many varieties of coffee in the branded coffee shops, you can hardly differentiate among the various types of coffees. Even for all the coffee dorks out there, it can be hard to figure out whether the coffee is actual or simply an artificial version of the drink.

In the case of macchiato coffee itself, most people cannot differentiate the real deal because the taste is that of sugar syrup with the flavour of caramel. Since the taste can be brought forward by the artificial elements, you will not be able to understand whether the drink, which just came is an exclusive Italian espresso or an artificial drink.

Macchiato coffee seems to be a great invention for all the coffee lovers who want something that is not too strong and neither too weak. In the lazy afternoons when you crave for something between espresso and cappuccino, macchiato coffee can be your dream come true. Today we will be talking about the macchiato coffee in a detailed manner so that you can have a taste of this phenomenal drink, and get addicted to it

Why is it important to know about the macchiato coffee?

If you are spending a considerable amount on a drink, you need to understand that you are being given the actual product and not a syruped up drink of the same flavour.

The origin of macchiato coffee

The macchiato and especially the espresso macchiato came into existence because of the afternoon dwellers in the coffee shop who needed something between espresso and cappuccino. While the espresso is more of an evening drink, the cappuccino is for the morning routine. The best part about macchiato coffee is that it is stronger than the regular cappuccino, but it doesn’t hit as hard as the espresso.

Where does this coffee get its name from?

Macchiato is a word which is Italian as per origin, and when translated into English it means marked or stained. Macchiato coffee consists of two variations namely the espresso macchiato and the latte macchiato.

The macchiato coffee making involves staining the combination of milk and espresso and getting the desired tone. The word marked or stained does not in anyway mean dyed or bleached or even diluted. It just means that within the combination of milk and espresso one element is primary and it consists of only a dash of the other element.

Let us talk about the two types of macchiato coffee

Espresso macchiato

Also known as the cafe macchiato in Italy, it is the original form of the macchiato drink. In this drink, it is the milk that stains the espresso. People like to have this drink because the strong heating espresso is a bit subdued by the little dash of milk. It is also for a fact that unlike the other espresso based drinks, it is not as strong, but it is efficient enough to retain the taste of espresso.

This drink is prepared by having a shot of espresso, then pouring two teaspoons of steamed milk in the cup. If you want some foam, you can add it on top. The ideal cups to serve espresso macchiato is normal glass or demitasse cups.

Latte macchiato

This kind of macchiato can be rendered as a bit more involved than the former one. This is because here the milk is the primary element, and it is added with a bit of espresso. It has more milk and less coffee and is, therefore, a drink with layers. People who do not like the coffee too strong can go for latte macchiato.

This drink is prepared with a prewarmed glass of milk with the composition of half or one third milk, then a stain of coffee is added to it. One shot of espresso is poured into it gradually to create distinct marks in the milk. Since the entire process is slow, this drink looks like different colours put together in a cup.

How to select which kind of macchiato coffee you want to order and why?

  • If you are looking for something very rich and strong and more of an espresso flavor, and yet you do not want to have the frothy cappuccino then definitely you should go for an espresso macchiato. If you want a big cup of espresso macchiato then definitely remember to ask for macchiato coffee double. Again if you are not very sure about the espresso hard hitting you then definitely opt for a Cappuccino instead.
  • If you are here with a kid are you are yourself not ready for an espresso drink, then definitely you have to try latte macchiato. It will have the light, and smooth flavour of espresso and the steamed milk will seem pleasurable. This kind of Dreams has extra syrups so if you want more of the sweetness just ask for it. If you still find that the coffee is a bit too strong for you, then you should offer a latte.

What are the factors on which your Java order will vary?

Let us assume that you are neither a lover of espresso nor a Cappuccino. If you are present at one of the branded coffee shops and you say that you want a macchiato, then you will be receiving an espresso macchiato. So make sure that you are mentioning the kind of macchiato that you want rather than letting them decide.

In most of the shops you will not find the word macchiato, but if you ask them, they will bring you just the type of coffee you want.

Bottom line

In a nutshell for all the coffee lovers macchiato coffee is a real taste changing the experience, and many of the coffee lovers have settled for macchiato coffee forever. Just make sure that you are wearing the right kind of coffee and you are sure to have an amazing coffee drinking experience.

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