11 Most Popular Types of Coffee You’ve Never Heard Of

Most Popular Types Of Coffee You’ve Never Heard Of


Since many people are quite accustomed to their ritual coffee orders, there tends to be a lack of experimentation in regards to coffee beverages. Not only is there a lack of creativity and experimenting, but there seems to also be a lack of knowledge in what various coffee beverages exist in the world. For most, coffee is the start to every day, where the aroma and taste wake you up and have the ability to start your day off on the right foot. Not only does coffee have a positive effect on one’s mentality and energy levels, but it is proven to have multiple health benefits, as well. A few health benefits that coffee boasts include reduced inflammation, improved cardiovascular system, weight loss, and more. It is for these reasons that coffee has become a critical part of morning routines worldwide. Due to the importance and love of coffee that many share, there is little room left for experimentation in a daily coffee order.

The fear of disliking your coffee is valid for many since a poor cup of coffee could truly set one off for the rest of the day. Therefore, people tend to stick with what they know and order the exact same coffee beverage every day. In fact, people are so committed to one type of coffee that there is a most popular coffee drink designated for each country. In Australia, the most common coffee order is a flat white, while in Cuba, the most common is a café Cubano. In Italy, you will likely find the locals ordering an espresso, while those in Turkey and Bosnia and Herzegovina would prefer a Turkish coffee. With the impressive varieties of coffee beverages that exist, it can be overwhelming to know exactly what each one is.

Types of Coffee

Here is a list of coffee types from around the world that you have most likely never heard of and may want to order next:

1. Café Cubano

As its name suggests, this coffee drink originates from Cuba and is commonly ordered as an accompaniment to local meals throughout the day. Drinking Café Cubano remains a prominent social affair in the traditional Cuban society and in some part of America where the Cuban culture is still prominent. Originally prepared by using darker roasts produced in part of Italy and Spain, it is one the strongest varieties of coffee you’ll ever taste. A café Cubano is an espresso with demerara sugar added to it. In other words, as the classic espresso brews, the sugar is added simultaneously, creating a thick layer of cream floating on top. To ensure that this drink is just right, about one tablespoon of the espresso must be whisked thoroughly with the sugar until it develops a foaming consistency. After it becomes foamy, the remaining espresso should be poured over it. The foam will then rise to the top and your café Cubano can be enjoyed, instantly. There are many different ways you can make espresso, ranging from a simple Nespresso machine to a more complicated dedicated espresso maker.

Café Cubano

2. Flat White

Unless you have visited Australia or New Zealand, you may have never heard of a flat white coffee. This drink is one of the two most famous Kiwi coffees, the other being a long black, both of which are originally from New Zealand and Australia. To make a flat white, you simply take the steamed milk from the bottom of the jug and poor it over one shot of espresso. The steamed milk that is found at the bottom is typically not as frothy as it is on the top, but creamier. Because the texture of the milk is velvety, the espresso makes an impact in the flavor of this drink.This beverage is quite similar to the more commonly known latte or café au lait, and is known as one of the milkiest coffees available. The Flat white has less froth and milk than a latte and is one of the best choices if you are looking for a coffee suited for beginners. If you have plans to travel to either Australia or New Zealand, this will surely be your coffee beverage of choice to fit in with the locals.

Flat White

3. Mazagran Coffee

This type of coffee may not be your typical coffee drink of choice while on your way to work in the morning. This coffee beverage originated in Algeria after the war in 1840, and is now commonly enjoyed in Portugal, as well, for those wondering where to find it. Mazagran, often referred to as the “original iced coffee”, is basically a cold coffee, poured over ice and traditionally served in narrow and tall glasses. The unique feature of this type of coffee is that a shot of rum may be added into it. Aside from this extra kick, mazagran coffee is made with black coffee over ice, sugar, and lemon juice. It is both refreshing and sweet and perfect for an afternoon pick-me-up if you prefer to add the rum.

Mazagran Coffee

4. Frappe

When you hear “frappe” your mind may lean more towards the McDonald’s frappes, whose appearance may more closely resemble a dessert rather than a coffee. However, despite the fact that the word is of French origin, the frappe coffee beverage actually originates from Greece. The frappe, which is quite popular in cafes throughout Greece, was first created in 1957 on accident by Dimitris Vakondios. This “accident” resulted in the delicious frappe coffee drink that became known as the national coffee beverage of modern Greece around 1979. This tasty coffee beverage is made with coffee powder, ice, and sugar, which are blended with water. Depending on how sweet you prefer your coffee to be, you can enjoy your frappe at one of three degrees of sweetness, known in Greek as glykós, métrios, or skétos. These degrees simply refer to the amount of sugar used in the frappe. Once you add your preferred amount of sugar, you may enjoy this amazing coffee beverage as the Greeks have for decades.


5. Irish Coffee

This type of coffee may also provide you with an extra boost if you choose to order it instead of a traditional cup of coffee. As its name suggests, this type of coffee originates from Ireland in 1942, specifically at the Shannon Airport, when it was used to calm passengers who were stranded. Irish coffee is made from brewed coffee mixed with whiskey, sugar, and heavy cream on top. This drink is a wonderful and creative way to enjoy the soothing taste and aroma of coffee while at the pub with friends or at a restaurant. While this coffee may be more of a cocktail than a morning coffee order, it is nonetheless a fun way to experiment with your usual cup of coffee.

Irish Coffee

6. Breve

If you are a fan of lattes or cappuccinos, you will most likely enjoy breve coffee, as well. It is counted in the weaker side of the coffee spectrum and it is one of the best choices if you are found of a cup of coffee which is rich in milk. Breve coffee is simply an espresso-based drink that is made with steamed half-and-half, rather than traditional steamed milk. This delicious espresso drink is the American version of the classic Italian latte, boasting more creamy foam than an Italian latte. The downside to ordering breve coffee is that it contains considerably more fat than regular milk lattes. However, the upside is that since this drink is already quite sweet from the half-and-half, breve drinkers usually have no need in adding additional sugar or sweeteners to it, as they most likely would with another coffee drink.


7. Long Black

If you are interested in a coffee drink on the stronger side, a long black may be the next coffee that you order. A long black is basically the reverse of how a traditional Americano is made, with hot water first poured into a cup, followed by two shots of espresso. The long black boasts an interesting origin in that it is a mix of both American coffee preferences with Italian traditions. While Italians were typically accustomed to drinking either espresso or cappuccinos, Americans preferred a large cup of black coffee. To cater to the American tourists, the Italian barista developed this coffee drink to reduce the strength of espresso by pouring a small amount of espresso into a cup of hot water, so as to resemble a large black coffee. While many now will request their large black with the full amount of espresso, either way is acceptable to order this strong coffee drink.

Long Black coffee

8. Turkish Coffee

This coffee beverage, also commonly referred to as “Bosnian coffee”, originates from Turkey and has been used worldwide for a variety of purposes. This unique coffee drink is traditionally made in a cezve, or a small copper pot with a long handle. For each cup of coffee, there is one cup of water and two teaspoons of coffee added. If you prefer your coffee sweet, the sugar may only be added to the cezve while it is being prepared and not after the coffee has been made. When the coffee finally comes to a boiling point, allow the foam to rise to the top and then turn off the heat just when it looks as though it is about to spill over. Aside from its unique brewing technique, Turkish coffee is fascinating in that it is also used for fortune telling and wedding ceremonies. If you happen to come across Turkish coffee at a café or while traveling, be sure to taste it and see for yourself what makes it so unique and delicious.

Turkish Coffee

9. Café Gommosa

Café Gommosa

For those with a sweet tooth, the famous café Gommosa, from America’s Pacific Northwest, is a true coffee treat. This coffee got its name because of its rubbery texture which is formed by the combination of marshmallows and coffee. Café Gommosa is simply an espresso poured over marshmallows, which creates a rich, thick, creamy coffee beverage. This coffee differs from an ordinary hot drink with marshmallows, in that the marshmallow does not melt completely, creating a slightly rubbery texture. This drink is perfect for the wintertime and justifies its origin in the Pacific Northwest with its warm ingredients. If you are not yet a fan of coffee and would like to slowly ease your way into the acquired taste, this drink may be perfect for you. With its incredibly sweet flavor, café gommosa is a tasty gateway coffee drink to become a devoted coffee lover in no time.

10. Eiscaffee

Another coffee drink that resembles a dessert is eiscaffee, a type of cold coffee made in a rather peculiar way. Originally from Germany, eiscaffee is made by mixing coffee and ice cream together, creating a sweet and creamy coffee drink. This beverage is as simple as adding two or three scoops of your favorite ice cream into a glass, followed by brewed coffee. You may even top this off with whipped cream and, if you are truly in the mood for a dessert, some chocolate syrup and a cherry on top. While various countries and cultures have different techniques in creating cold coffee, this definitely is a unique way and perfect for both coffee and ice cream lovers to enjoy.

11. Black Tie

The final type of coffee that is worth experimenting with is a black tie, a specialty of Thailand. A black tie is a mix of tea, espresso, and other flavorful ingredients. This drink is ideal for those who prefer both tea and coffee, with its unique mix of the two beverages into one chilled drink that both refreshes and energizes. The key to enjoying a quality cup of black tie is to use Thai tea, which is available in most health food shops or even online. Thai tea is best to use in comparison to other teas in that it boasts flavorful spices in an exotic blend that will give a more authentic taste. Simply mix the Thai tea and sugar into boiling water. Pour a shot of espresso into a tall glass of ice, along with one tablespoon of condensed milk. Once the tea is done, pour it into the glass and add as much cream or milk as you prefer. Stir the milk into the black tie and then immediately enjoy this amazing coffee beverage!

Black Tie

Guide To Buying The Perfect Coffee

Picking the perfect coffee can be a daunting task especially with so many options in the market. Here are a few points to consider when making a coffee purchase.

1. Know The Different Types Of Coffee Beans

Selecting the right coffee bean is the most primitive and essential step for buying coffee. There are two common species of coffee beans, namely, the arabica bean and the robusta bean. Arabica beans are the better and fairly expensive option in comparison to the robusta beans when the grounds of comparison are the texture and taste.

2. Pick The Perfect Roast

Pick the roast which suits your taste the most. Coffee roasts range from light to dark and every level has its own aroma, flavor, and acidity. Lighter roasts have a muted flavor whereas the medium and dark roasts have much aromatic and fuller body to their taste and texture.

3. Know The Home Of The Coffee Bean

Coffee is grown in various parts of the world and every part inculcates a different flavor into the coffee beans. Coffee beans from South American are comparatively sweeter and balanced in taste. African and middle eastern beans are fruitier and spicer with medium acidity. Coffee beans from the Asian region have a fuller body with an earthy taste.

4. Consider The Price

It is very important to consider the price which you are willing to pay for a cup of coffee. Make a point to compare the prices of different brands and then make an informed choice. Buying loose coffee can also be a great option when considering the price and taste of the beans.

5. Consider The Freshness Of The Coffee

The aroma and texture of a coffee do not have a shelf life of more than a week when left without any refrigeration or preservation. Even the packeted coffee does not taste as good after two or three weeks of its packaging. Make a point to check packaging date and do not buy coffee for more than a week in one go.


While the variety of coffee beverages that exist may appear to be overwhelming, it is quite exciting to think of the different types of coffee drinks you may experiment with. Since coffee is beloved and enjoyed on a daily basis by countless people worldwide, it is quite fascinating to discover the different origins and ways of creating coffee drinks. Although it is far more convenient to simply make or order the same cup of coffee every day, it can be quite fun to try something different if you are a true coffee enthusiast. Whether it be a simple change from milk to half-and-half, adding a marshmallow to your espresso, or throwing in a dash of whiskey for special occasions, do not miss out on enjoying the many delicious types of coffees that exist.

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