Top 10 Farmhouse Coffee Tables – Instantly Add Farmhouse Ambience to a Room

Top 10 Farmhouse Coffee Tables


Farmhouse Coffee Tables

Your farmhouse is the place where you go to relax for a while. Away from all the problems of your lives, a farmhouse seems to be the only place of solace that could provide some peace of mind to the people. But if you farmhouse isn’t equipped with the proper furniture then the whole essence of it is not at all complete. What do you think would complete the entire look of a farmhouse? Well, of course, there are amazing coffee tables that you can buy.

There are so many different types of rustic coffee tables that tend to match the look of the farmhouse. These coffee tables are an absolute necessity as well. Not only do they add to the ambiance and atmosphere of the place but they are also very important as people need to put their drinks in certain places. So, there is no doubt about the fact that if you want to increase the appeal of your farmhouse, then, it would be a great idea to invest in the farmhouse coffee tables.

But when there are so many options in the market, one can get confused on what to choose. So, this is why this buying guide will help you out.

How To Buy The Best Farmhouse Coffee Tables

Buying a farmhouse coffee table isn’t really a big deal if you know exactly what you want. There are many important factors that you might have to consider before you go ahead and buy your farmhouse coffee table. So, as promised, here are some tips to help you out.

Measure The Area First

Before you even begin to think of buying any kind of furniture, you need to measure your place, right? Well, the same is the case with a coffee table. Just because it is a farmhouse doesn’t mean it won’t have stuff. So, you need to make sure that you know the space that you will have left when you place the coffee table in there. Measuring the place is a good idea, to begin with. No one would like to hand out at your place if you keep it all stacked up and there is no place to move around. So, we suggest that you decide the area first. Otherwise, it is just a waste of money and you will end up having a bigger coffee table than you need.

Know Your Type

When it comes to a coffee table for the farmhouse, you really need to know which ones to buy. The type and the design of the coffee table really matters a lot. Plus, to make things tougher, there are various options these days on the market. It can be tough to decide what you want. So, our suggestion is to go with what your guts tell you. Based on the interiors and the design of the room, we are pretty sure that you will find the one that perfectly suits the cause. After all, it is your farmhouse and your coffee table, right? So, the decision should be yours in the first place. Most people often go for the rustic look but there are some other options that are available as well. Have a look at each and every single option before you go ahead and make a choice.

Know The Function

Whenever you are buying a particular coffee table for your farmhouse, you need to make sure that you know exactly what you would be using it for. Most people often have a coffee table just for the appearance and they don’t really make much use of it. However, when it comes to getting a coffee that you would actually use most of the time, then choosing a table that is long-lasting will be a great idea. Not only do you have to know the function of the table but you will also have to decide on how you are going to be using it. This way if you want to use it more, you can select a sturdy and more durable option. Most of the time it so happens that people end up choosing coffee tables that they won’t really use much and then regret it. Make sure that it doesn’t happen to you in the first place.

Check On Your Budget

Another one of the most important things that you should always keep in mind when you are buying a particular coffee table is the budget that you have. Make sure that you don’t exceed the budget otherwise you will just run out of money. There are so many options available in the markets that are both cheap and expensive. People often tend to choose the cheaper or the mid-range options that they have so that they can save some money. But then again, you need to make sure that you choose according to the quality. Choosing the perfect farmhouse coffee table will be much easier if you have your budget all set. But make sure that you stick to it and don’t overspend.

So, there you have it, people. Here are some of the important and helpful tips that we have for you. With the help of these tips, you will definitely be able to choose the best coffee table for your farmhouse.

Some Great Farmhouse Coffee Tables For You To Choose From

Well, now that you are all familiar with buying the best farmhouse coffee table it is now time to move on to the more important bits. When it comes to choosing the perfect coffee table for the farmhouse, you have got hundreds of options. So, the choice can be a bit difficult for some people. But how about we make this choice easier for you? Wouldn’t you like it? Well, here we are with some of the best choices of coffee tables for your farmhouse. Make sure that you choose the best of the options as it will help you for sure.

#1 Emerald Home Chandler Wood Table

When it comes to rustic and amazing looking coffee tables, this is the one that we have on our list as Emerald Home is one of the best companies for coffee tables. If you are just starting out with the farmhouse decorations then this will be a great addition to the place for sure. The simple and yet elegant design is something that catches the eye. The wooden table top has got some alternating planks. Also, you will find a supportive shelf inside which is great for keeping some knick-knacks. You also have an X-shaped design for the legs and what’s even better is that they are made of metal. So, you can be pretty sure that these would be amazing. What we love about the table is that it is perfectly shaped and cozy as well.


  • The design is pretty simple and yet very elegant
  • There is a lower shelf that can be used as a storage unit
  • X-design on the legs of the table
  • Easy to assemble as it takes just about 30 minutes or less to do so


  • The rough finish which can be tough for cleaning
  • The corners are hard to assemble

#2 Ashley Furniture Vennilux Coffee Table

Another one of the best rustic designs that we have in here would have to be the Ashley Furniture Vennilux table. With a much more dramatic and strong design, this particular coffee table is an attraction for many people. What works for this piece is that it has got some metal wheels underneath which makes it pretty easy to move around. You should definitely consider buying this rectangular table as it is an awesome one. What else is interesting here is that it has got some shelves for storage as well. You will notice that the width of the table is about 50 inches which makes it a spacious one on the list. This large coffee table would definitely be a great addition to your home. The wood and metal have got neutral colors and hence go with anything.


  • Metalwork is exquisite and adds to the beauty
  • The size is large for bigger farmhouses
  • The color is neutral and matches with everything
  • Additional shelves added for storage


  • Dusting can be a bit too tough due to the rough surface
  • The table is expensive

#3 International Concepts Square Coffee Table

If you are a fan of DIY, then this coffee table will be an ideal option for you. Do you know why? Well, it is because the table doesn’t necessarily come finished. So, you will get to paint and assemble it from scratch and make it your own project. It is completely up to you whether you want to put some stains on the table top or just want to paint the table legs. So, you can get all creative that you want. You could even paint all of it to a specific color that would match the decorations of your farmhouse. Doesn’t that seem like a wonderful option, people? You will also get a storage shelf where you can easily store some stuff and there is a designer double-x shape in the legs which makes it look more and more attractive to the buyers. All in all, we can say that this rectangular piece would look good in your farmhouse.


  • You can get creative as the piece doesn’t come finished
  • The square shape of the table fits perfectly with sectionals
  • An attractive design of double-x legs


  • You need to assemble it
  • Painting is required from scratch
  • The size is a bit too large for some people

#4 Household Essentials Ashwood Coffee Table

There are many people who do not like the square or the rectangular shaped tables for their farmhouses. If you are one of them then this coffee table from Household Essentials will be the best solution for you. There is literally nothing that is not impressive about the table. From the amazing round shape to the size of the table, everything is just perfection. You will easily be able to place it anywhere as it doesn’t take up much space. Also, the gray finish on the top is just sheer beauty. You will also be further impressed by seeing the X-Shaped metal legs which are a wonderful contrast to the top. This coffee table is basically an elegant and rustic addition to any household.


  • The round style is a good break from traditional designs
  • Smaller size ensures that it is easy to fit anywhere
  • The table top is pretty smooth which makes it easier to clean
  • The price is not that high


  • There is no additional shelf provided for storage
  • Shipping might take some time

#5 Niangua Furniture Hickory Coffee Table

What we absolutely adore about the Niangua Furniture coffee table is that it has a construction of copper and wood which is the perfect combo for an elegant look for sure. Since it is handmade, you can absolutely put your faith on the construction as it is an antique piece. Craved by many, this coffee table would be an amazing addition to your living room for sure. The top of the table is made with solid wood of hickory that is wonderful to look at. Also, the copper legs that are pipe-shaped offer proper support to the table top. You will also be impressed by the hickory shelf that nests in between looking absolutely gorgeous. A perfect addition to the house for sure.


  • The table is made up with amazing quality, natural hickory
  • Copper legs are just the perfect touch of beauty
  • There is an additional storage shelf to keep important things
  • The table is custom made from hand and hence is pretty good


  • The product can be a bit too heavy and difficult to move
  • Since it is made by hand, the pictures and the actual table might look a bit different

#6 Sauder Eden Rue Rolling Trunk

For those who want a bit of extra storage in their coffee tables, this one is a perfect option for sure. The trunk of the table comes with a lid that you can lift off to reveal a massive storage space inside for storing several things. The white plank design and look of the trunk is basically the best thing about it. There are many different color options available so you don’t have to worry about that. Apart from that, you will see that the brown wood used at the top is absolutely dark and gorgeous to look at. The surface is pretty smooth so you can dust it pretty easily. All in all, we can say that there is nothing that we can find that matched the excellence of this coffee table. Not to mention that it comes with wheels for easy movement. The table can be a bit large for some people but the benefits make up for the heaviness.


  • Additional storage is provided in the table trunk
  • Wheels provided beneath make it pretty easy to move the table around
  • Wiping and cleaning is easy due to a smooth table top
  • Safety is the best thing about the table


  • The weight and the size can be a bit too much for some people
  • Assembling the table with the help of screws can be a bit difficult to do

#7 Ashley Furniture Marimon Coffee Table

Those who are looking for a heavy-weight coffee table here is an option for them. This amazing coffee table has got the perfect metal pattern of square weaves that makes it look pretty. The super-cool design and the bold making of the table are what attract the buyers in the first place. With a wood veneer tabletop, this particular coffee table will certainly be a great addition to your farmhouse. There are casters present on the table which are pretty smooth which makes it easy to move around. We recommend this table to most of the buyers because not only is it round but it is also very comfortable as well and doesn’t weigh too much. You will definitely like it.


  • Metal design makes it very stylish to look at
  • Wood veneer top is pretty smooth and hence is easy to wipe and clean
  • Caster wheels make the movement of the table pretty easy
  • The size is just suitable for medium-sized farmhouses


  • Assembly of the table might require more than one people
  • Styrofoam packaging can stick pretty easily

#8 Furniture of America Rustic Square Crate Coffee Table

If you want to have the true rustic essence then you need to have a coffee table that resembles a crate. Well, this is one option that you can try out and you will love it for sure. This particular table has got the inspiration for the design from different wine bottle boxes and crates. Created with the best of MDF wood, this particular table is a perfect fit for the farmhouses that want the best rustic look. You might notice that the crates are opened from the sides and that can be used for storing some small things. Apart from that, you will also have a tray on the table top as well where you can easily store the drinks. This is certainly a very good choice for farmhouses.


  • The inspiration from wine rustic crates create a wonderful design
  • The side opening mechanism is an added benefit
  • A smooth surface of the table makes it easy to clean
  • Center of the table top has got a flip tray


  • The table isn’t really made up of real wood
  • The assembly can take a while to complete

#9 Kate and Laurel Sophia Rustic Coffee Table

There is no doubt that Navy Blue is one of the best colors for coffee tables. You can easily use this color or contrasting as well as neutral looks. So, this is the reason why this particular rustic coffee table is one of the best choices for the people. The amazing distressed essence of the table is what makes it a popular choice for the people. With an amazing design and beautiful color, this table will surely make your farmhouse ambiance a better one. So, what are you waiting for people? Go ahead and order this coffee table right now.


  • The navy blue coffee table is very attractive
  • The wood top is distressed and has a rustic appeal
  • The length of the table is more than the others


  • There is no additional storage shelf provided
  • The table is a bit low

#10 Better Homes and Gardens Langley Bay Coffee Table

This one is the best option for those who like to add a touch of gray in the house. This coffee table that we have for you in here is best known for the rustic look and appeal that it has. What is even better is that the table top is a bit distressed. This 17-inch square coffee table would certainly lighten up the ambiance of the farmhouse that you have. Not to mention that you get an additional shelf along with that so that you can store your essentials. This is one of the best things that we absolutely love about the coffee table. Since the color of the table is neutral gray, you can be pretty sure that it will properly mix with any interior décor.


  • The neutral gray color is just the perfect addition as it matches with every décor type
  • Contemporary and rustic styles are blended perfectly
  • There is an additional shelf provided for some storage
  • The size is not too large for the smaller living rooms


  • The table doesn’t really use real wood for manufacturing
  • The assembling process can be tedious as there are many parts and screws

Frequently Asked Questions About Farmhouse Coffee Tables

Question: Which type of coffee table should be perfect for a farmhouse?

Answer: You need to choose a coffee table that matched the interior décor of the farmhouse

Question: Where can I find the cheapest coffee tables for my farmhouse?

Answer: has got some of the best deals on such amazing coffee table for farmhouse

Question: Does color matter when selecting a farmhouse coffee table?

Answer: Yes, it does and you need to select the color that suits your décor.

When it comes to buying coffee tables for farmhouses, you need to know everything about it. We hope that this buying guide for farmhouse coffee tables was helpful to you.

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